Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Spin

Type: Static Pole, Spin Pole

Points of Contact: 3

Also Known As:

  • Front Spin
  • Showgirl Spin

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Front Hook Spin is a fun way to involve the whole body in a spin. Using both hands and the inside leg’s knee pit, this is the perfect beginner pole trick to get comfortable with lifting your bodyweight off the floor.

This is a versatile spin, with the hand placement perfect to allow you to transition into other spins and tricks on the pole at more advanced levels. This is also a spin that can be done safely in pants as the hands provide most of the necessary skin contact.  

Moves that Require this Skill:

How to Perform the Front Hook Spin

Move Steps

  1. Grab the pole with the inside hand, high above your head. With your outside hand, reach across the chest and grab the pole, palm facing in and thumb up. Come up onto your tip-toes.
  2. Hook the inside leg around the front of the pole, getting it into the knee pit and pushing the foot back towards the booty.
  3. Use the outside leg to push off and begin your spin. Pick the foot up to meet with the other in a diamond-shape.
  4. To get out of the spin, simply reverse the motion by stepping the outside foot down, then the inside foot down, and release the arms.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t hang from your shoulder. Keep your shoulders back and down when in half-bracket grip.
  • Pull with your top hand and push with your bottom hand to maintain distance from the pole and avoid collapsing in on your bottom arm.

Common Mistakes

  • Knee Sticks to Pole and Prevents Forward Motion: Make sure that your knee is tucked back towards the booty. If your kneepit is too centered on the pole, it may prevent you from moving. Angling the kneepit (which is achieved by tucking the heel in towards the booty) will help give your body more room to move around the pole, while additionally providing more security on the pole with bare skin.
  • Collapsing in on Bottom Arm: If you are collapsing down on your bottom arm in this position, try practicing the half-bracket grip by itself, linked in the pre-requisite moves. Make sure to practice with the Push – Pull method, where you are Pushing with the bottom arm, Pulling with the top arm. Though it may seem awkward at first on the pole, strengthening these smaller muscle groups in the shoulder will be vital in more advanced pole tricks. This Push – Pull method will help you keep your distance away from the pole, giving you more control over your spin no matter the pole type.
  • Can’t Get Enough Forward Momentum on Static: If you’re not getting enough forward momentum, and it’s not because your kneepit is sticking too much to the pole, then you might not be following through with your whole body. When you push off with your outside leg, imagine you are “falling forward” leading with the hips. Tighten the booty, push the hips forward, and let your back arch gently. This should give you more momentum in your static spin.

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